• MPPT Solar Charging Controller MA2460N15

    ◆Using MPPT technology, the tracking efficiency of MPPT can reach 99.9%.
    ◆Support CAN communication function (optional).
    ◆Supports a wide variety of batteries such as sealed, colloidal, open-type, lithium battery and user-customized battery.
    ◆Support line loss compensation of charging voltage, so that the battery charging voltage control is more accurate (partial models).
    ◆Support starting capacitive load and inductive load.
    ◆RS485 communication supporting standard Modbus protocol, with baud rate adjustable.
    ◆Support TTL communication of standard Modbus protocol, with baud rate fixed.
    ◆With perfect charging and discharging protection mechanism such as supervoltage, overcurrent, overload, overtemperature and short-circuiting.
    ◆ Using high-quality aluminum radiator and high-temperature derating processing can ensure reliable and efficient operation in each work environment.

  • SERNE 4 by 4 Breaker cover

    Models HT4830S80-145 HT4840S80-145 HT4850S80-145
    AC mode
    Rated input voltage 220/230Vac
    Input voltage range (170Vac~280Vac) ±2%/(90Vac-280Vac)±2%
    Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz (automatic detection)
    Frequency range 47±0.3Hz ~ 55±0.3Hz (50Hz);57±0.3Hz ~ 65±0.3Hz (60Hz);
    Overload/short circuit protection Circuit breaker
    Efficiency >95%
    Conversion time (bypass andinverter) 10ms (typical)
    AC backflow protection yes
    Maximum bypass overload current 40A
    Inverting mode
    Output voltage waveform Pure sine wave
    Rated output power (VA) 3000(2600/2700/3000) 4000(3480/3600/3800/4000) 5000(4350/4500/4800/5000)
    Rated output power (W) 3000(2600/2700/3000) 4000(3480/3600/3800/4000) 5000(4350/4500/4800/5000)
    Power factor 1
    Rated output voltage (Vac) 230Vac(200/208/220/240Vac Settable)
    Output voltage error ±5%
    Output frequency range (Hz) 50Hz ± 0.3Hz/60Hz ± 0.3Hz
    Efficiency >92%
    Overload protection (102%<load<125%) ±10%:=”” report=”” error=”” and=”” turn=”” off=”” output=”” after=”” 5=”” minutes;<=”” p=””></load<125%)>

    (125%<load<150%) ±10%:=”” report=”” error=”” and=”” turn=”” off=”” output=”” after=”” 10=”” seconds;<=”” p=””></load<150%)>

    Load>150% ±10%: Report error and turn off output after 5 seconds;

    Peak power 6000VA 8000VA 10000VA
    Loaded motor capacity 2HP 3HP 4HP
    Output short circuit protection Circuit breaker
    Bypass circuit breaker specification 63A
    Rated battery input voltage 48V (minimum starting voltage 44V)
    Battery voltage range 40.0Vdc~60Vdc ± 0.6Vdc (undervoltage alarm / shutdown voltage / overvoltage alarm / overvoltage recovery…LCD screen can be set)
    Eco mode Load ≤50W
    AC charge
    Battery type Lead acid or lithium battery
    Maximum charge current 60A
    Charge current error ± 5Adc
    Charge voltage range 40 –58Vdc
    Short circuit protection Circuit breaker
    Circuit breaker specification (AC IN)63A/(BAT)125A
    Overcharge protection Alarm and turn off charging in 1 minute.
    Solar charge
    Maximum PV open circuit voltage 145Vdc
    PV operating voltage range 60-145Vdc
    MPPT voltage range 60-115Vdc
    Battery voltage range 40-60Vdc
    Maximum output power 4200W
    PV charge current range (settable) 0-80A
    Charge short circuit protection BAT circuit breaker and fuse
    Wiring protection Reverse polarity protection
    Authentication specification
    Specification certification CE(EN62109)
    EMC certification level EN61000,C2
    Operating temperature range -15°C to 55°C
    Storage temperature range -25°C ~ 60°C
    RH range 5% to 95% (conformal coating protection)
    Noise ≤60dB
    Heat dissipation Forced air cooling, adjustable air speed
    Communication interface USB/RS485 (WiFi/GPRS)/Dry Node Control
    Dimensions (L*W*D) 482mm*425mm*133mm
    Weight (kg) 13.3
  • SRNE 100A 48v 250v Solar Charge Controller

    1. With the PowerCatcher MPPT technology, the controller is able to track the maximum power point of solar panels even in a complex environment. It has higher response speed and tracking efficiency compared with those controllers with traditional MPPT technology.
    2. The maximum power point tracking algorithm can significantly improve the energy utilization efficiency of photovoltaic systems. The charging efficiency is 15% to 20% higher than the conventional PWM method.
    3. MPPT Tracking efficiency is up to 99.9%.
    4. Advanced digital power technology raises the circuit energy conversion efficiency to 98%.
    5. The controller features a limited current charging mode. When the solar panel power exceeds a certain level and charging current is larger than the rated current, the controller will automatically lower the charging power and bring the charging current to the rated level.
    6. Support charging lithium batteries, gel batteries, sealed batteries and vented batteries, etc.
    7. The controller has an overheat protection mechanism. With charging line loss compensation, the voltage of the battery terminal can be accurately controlled.
    8. The controller features a limited current charging mode. When the solar panel power exceeds a certain level and charging current is larger than the rated current, the controller will automatically lower the charging power and bring the charging current to the rated level.
    9. The controller has an overheat protection mechanism. When the temperature exceeds the set value, the charging current will decline in linear proportion and discharging will be shut off so as to curb the temperature rise of the controller and keep the controller from being damaged by overheat.
    10. It supports parallel operation and meets need of greater charging power.
    11. With embedded bluetooth 4.0BLE module, it can achieve data interaction with APP on mobile phone.
    12. Supports standard Modbus protocol and provides protocol technology support to facilitate secondary development and application by users.
    13. Programmable relay output.
  • Srne 20Tubular

    • A Battery made for everyone’s needs, be it with Solar or without Solar. No need to change battery if you convert to Solar
    • All-Purpose Fast Charging and Long Lasting Inverter/UPS Battery with 200Ah Capacity at C20 Rating and 60 Months Warranty (36 Months Full Replacement + 24 Months Pro Rata Warranty)
    • Genus provides Extremely Battery Preventive Maintenance Plans, so that you can get life of 6-7 years from this battery
  • SRNE 230Ah Genus Tubular

    • Patented Carbon-based technology tubular battery for inverters
    • Nano-materials that ensure that the battery plates are more resistant & durable
    • High purity lead & thicker plate for robust performance
    • Heavy-duty tubular battery delivering rugged Performance
    • Robust grid design
    • 230Ah/12V Tubular Battery with 25% longer life over Similar Products
    • Improved Charge Acceptance
    • Enhanced Backup Capacity
    • Fits with all type of Inverters
    • Deep Discharge Recovery & Charge Acceptance Characteristics
    • High Acid Volumes Help With Lower Maintenance
    • Fast Charging Capacity
    • Resistance to Corrosion Improves Battery Life
    • Clear Electrolyte Level Indicator
    • Designed for demanding usage conditions
    • Its technology allows for greater depth-of-discharge & delivers more charge cycles
    • 24 Months Warranty
  • SRNE DC breaker 500v 2p 63A


    120-500VDC INPUT/OUTPUT.


  • Srne Lithium Ion Battery 48v 5.12KW

    • Model: ES-5.12KWH.
    • Warranty: 5 years.
    • Rated Capacity (5HR): 110Ah.
    • Voltage: 51.2V.
    • Discharge Cutoff Voltage: 40.0V.
    • Equalised Charge Voltage: 58.4V.
    • Maximum Charging Current: 100A.
    • Maximum Discharging Current: 100A.
    • C. Rating: 1.0C.
    • Display: LCD.
    • Parallel: Parallel connection up to 15 packs with full communications.
    • Dimensions (WxDxH): 505mm x 162mm x 543mm.
    • Ports: 1x CAN Bus, 1x RS-485 Battery Link ports, 2x Parallel Instruction Ports.
    • Cells: New Li-Ion Prismatic Cells.
    • Design Life: -/+ 15 Years.
    • Cycle Life @ 1C: +/-4000 Cycles @ 100% DOD, Above 6000 cycles @ 80% DOD.
    • Certification: CE, UN38.3, IEC, MSDS.
    • Outer Package Material: White bske lacquer steel case.
    • Operating Temperature: Charging: 0 to 50°C, Discharging: -10 to 50°C, Storage: -10 to 50°C.
    • Protection: Electronic Circuit Breaker, BMS Voltage Protection, Current Limiting.

    Model:MPPT Solar & Generator DC Charging Controller MD4830N06

    Backup Battery System Voltage:12V/24V/48V

    Backup Battery Voltage Range:9~60V DC

    Rated Charging Current:30A

    Maximum PV Input Current:100A


    ◆Sealedbattery,gelbattery, vented battery, lithium battery and user-defined battery can all be used as back up battery.
    ◆ Available for intelligent generator and conventional generator, automatic recognition of generatortype through ignition signal.
    ◆ The charging working modes divides into PV charges backup battery, generator charges back up battery,PV and generator charge back up battery and PV charges starter battery.
    ◆Back up battery charging voltage line loss compensation function makes thebattery charging voltage control more accurate.
    ◆Back up battery temperature sampling function and temperature compensation function of lead-acidbattery can effectively extendthe lifespan of battery.
    ◆High temperature charging automatic derating function
    ◆ Pouring sealant treatment to ensure reliable and efficient operation in various working environments.

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