• TBB 5KW-48V Apollo Maxx 5.0S Solar Hybrid Inverter

    Transformer Based
    All in one, plug and play design for easy installation
    Applicable for DC coupling system, solar hybrid system and power backup system
    Parallel and three phase capability
    Typical 0ms UPS class transfer speed, max<2ms
    Power assist & power control enable small generator to handle big loads and meet the demand of the limited grid
    Extremely high inverter efficiency up to 96%
    Extremely high MPPT efficiency up to 98%
    Harmonic Distortion<2%
    Extremely low self-consumption power
    High performance designed for all kinds of inductive loads
    TBB premium II battery charging management
    Built in battery SOC estimation
    Equalization charging program available for flooded and OPZS battery
    Lithium Battery charging available
    Built in AGS function
    Fully programmable by APP
    Remote monitoring and control via Nova online portal

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