• 300 watt solar streetlight

    Solar lights for outdoor use. Smksolar automatic solar lights are suitable for various outdoor purposes. With an integrated inbuilt lithium battery, this solar light is strong enough to last for years with 18 to 24 hours of working time even with a short period of charging time. It also has automatic on and off, you don’t have to worry about on and off. This solar light is suitable for; roads, playgrounds, parking lots, open grounds, veranda, poolside, compound etc. No cabling or trunking is required and you don’t even have to connect to electricity because it is 100 percent solar dependent.

  • 400 Watt Solar Streetlight

    In stock

    This solar light suitable for all outdoor lighting purposes including open fields, parking lots, veranda, playground, compounds, etc.

    It provides security and visibility. This solar light is cost effective, it helps saves money on extra cabling, trunking on outdoor lighting etc as It is stand alone.

    Smk solar lights are known for quality and absolute value for money.

    Other capacities are available at kombpower.com

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