• Mega 10KVA Wall Mount Digital Stabilizer 10000VA

    MEGA SCIENCE Wall mounted Stabilizers guard against irregular voltage that could cause serious damage to your home and office appliances. This product is designed specially for low voltage, high voltage and power fluctuation. Therefore increasing the durability and efficiency of your electrical appliances to serve you longer and better, and guarantee your ultimate satisfaction. This product is suitable for various types of appliances like TV, washing machines, refrigerator, computers, air conditioners, sound systems and other electrical appliances.

    MEGA SCIENCE Wall mounted Stabilizer ensures that your appliances are protected from electric supply issues and as such you get to enjoy your product longer which means good value for your money. However every electrical or electronic appliance has its own voltage requirement, therefore in the case that there is less or more than the recommended voltage. It will cause damage to the appliance, that is the reason you need a stabilizer.

    When your appliance is connected to the stabilizer, the voltage from the power source goes through the stabilizer where performs regulation of the current if need be and then transferring the suitable current to your appliance. The delay mechanism of the stabilizer is what gives your appliances extra protection, with this efficient MEGA SCIENCE stabilizer, all your appliances are guaranteed to last longer.

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