• 10KVA Relay Voltage Stabilizer (80V-260V)



    • It regulates better than other relay stabilizers
    • It comes with digital control technology
    • Built with better relay technology
    • It’s a wall mount stabilizer
    • It will protect all your appliances over low or high voltage



    • Home appliances
    • Office equipment
    • Medical equipment.
    220,000.00300,000.00 27% off

    10KVA Relay Voltage Stabilizer (80V-260V)

    220,000.00300,000.00 27% off
  • Prag 10KVA Servo Voltage Stabilizer (140V-260V)



    The Prag 10KVA Servo Central Stabilizer Stablize, Protect all electrical.

    Low, High, Fluctuating NEPA Voltage?

    One Central Stabilizer for your entire House, Flat or Office*.

    Stablize and Protect all electrical appliances in your premises: Air Conditioners, Fridges, Freezers, TV, Home Theatre, DVD, Satellite Decoder, Electronics, Lights, Fans, Washing Machine, Microwave, Pumping Machine, Photocopier, Printer, Desktops, Notebooks, etc.

    PC-SVS or Programmed Control Servo Voltage Stabilizer Series is based on digital technology. Due to special transformer servo technology, PC-SVS can handle inductive load such as air conditioners and take greater surge which offers more reliability and performance than traditional relay stabilizers. PC-SVS provides voltage stabilization and protection to appliances and equipment. PC-SVS is designed as a central stabilizer to handle all house loads.


    • Wide input voltage
    • Steady output voltage
    • Digital Control
    • Servo Technology
    • Wall mounted
    • Low and Over voltage protection


    • Home Appliances
    • Office Equipment
    • Medical Equipment
    • Sensitive Equipment
    • General Use

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