AE Dunamis AEST80-D-20KVA Single Phase Stabilizer

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Product Requirements SVC 30000VA
Power (VA)
Input Phase Single phase
Voltage AC 80-260V
Frequency  50Hz/60Hz
Output Voltage AC220V+/-3%
Frequency  50Hz/60Hz
Power factor 100%
Function control type servo motor
Over/Low  Volt protection yes
Short Circuit Protection MCB
temperature protection temperature protection option
Efficiency AC-AC 0.96
Acoustic Noise level ≤50dB
Environmental Temperature  -5-60 Degree
Humidity 20% to 90%

Introducing the AE Dunamis AEST80-D-20KVA Single Phase Stabilizer: Your Reliable Power Solution

In a world where a consistent and stable power supply is crucial for our daily lives, the AE Dunamis AEST80-D-20KVA Single Phase Stabilizer emerges as the ultimate solution to combat power fluctuations. This state-of-the-art stabilizer offers advanced technology, unparalleled reliability, and superior performance, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications.

**Key Features:**

1. **Voltage Regulation:** The AE Dunamis AEST80-D excels at maintaining a stable output voltage, even when the input voltage varies significantly. This feature safeguards your valuable devices from potential damage due to voltage spikes and surges.

2. **Fast Response Time:** In the event of voltage fluctuations, the stabilizer quickly adjusts the output voltage, ensuring a seamless power supply to your devices. This fast response time is crucial for sensitive electronics.

3. **Digital Display:** Equipped with a digital display, the stabilizer provides real-time information about input and output voltages, allowing users to monitor the system’s performance effortlessly.

**Benefits of Using AE Dunamis AEST80-D-20KVA Single Phase Stabilizer:**

– **Device Protection:** By maintaining a constant voltage supply, this stabilizer safeguards your electronic devices from voltage fluctuations, extending their lifespan.

– **Improved Energy Efficiency:** The stabilizer optimizes power consumption by delivering the right voltage to your devices, resulting in energy savings and reduced electricity bills.

– **Enhanced Productivity:** With a reliable power supply, your business operations can continue without interruptions, leading to increased productivity and customer satisfaction.


The AE Dunamis AEST80-D-20KVA Single Phase Stabilizer is versatile and can be used in various applications, including:

– **Hospitals:** Ensuring the continuous operation of critical medical equipment.
– **Data Centers:** Protecting sensitive servers and data storage systems.
– **Manufacturing Units:** Preventing machinery breakdowns due to voltage fluctuations.
– **Residential Homes:** Safeguarding household appliances and electronics.

**Installation and Maintenance:**

Installing the AE Dunamis AEST80-D-20KVA Single Phase Stabilizer is a straightforward process, and maintenance requirements are minimal. Regularly inspecting the unit and ensuring it remains free from dust and debris will keep it functioning optimally.


The long-term cost savings provided by this stabilizer make it a wise investment. It not only extends the life of your devices but also reduces energy consumption, leading to lower utility bills.

**Advanced Technology:**

Built with cutting-edge technology, the AE Dunamis AEST80-D-20KVA Single Phase Stabilizer offers precision and reliability, thanks to its microprocessor control.

**Eco-Friendly Operation:**

With energy efficiency in mind, this stabilizer is designed to reduce your carbon footprint. Using the AE Dunamis AEST80-D-20KVA contributes to a greener environment.

**User Testimonials:**

Here are a few testimonials from satisfied AE Dunamis stabilizer users:

– “Since installing the AE Dunamis AEST80-D-20KVA stabilizer, we’ve experienced zero downtime in our manufacturing facility. It’s been a game-changer for us.” – John, Manufacturing Manager

– “I was tired of replacing my home appliances due to voltage fluctuations. The AE Dunamis AEST80-D-20KVA stabilizer has saved me money and frustration.” – Sarah, Homeowner

**Why Choose AE Dunamis?**

Choosing the AE Dunamis AEST80-D-20KVA Single Phase Stabilizer means investing in a reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly solution for voltage regulation. With a track record of customer satisfaction and advanced technology, AE Dunamis stands out in the market.

Invest in the AE Dunamis AEST80-D-20KVA Single Phase Stabilizer today and ensure a stable and secure power supply for your valuable devices.


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