Xtrapower 7.5KVA Transformer Purse Sine Wave Hybrid Inverter

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– Residential Solar Power Systems
– Commercial and Industrial Hybrid Energy Systems
– Off-Grid Power Solutions
– Backup Power for Critical Appliances
– Telecom and Remote Area Power Supply

Elevate your energy management with the Xtrapower 7.5KVA Transformer Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Inverter. Experience seamless integration of solar energy, reliable power conversion, and enhanced control over your energy consumption, making it a versatile and valuable addition to any energy ecosystem.

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Xtrapower 7.5KVA Transformer Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Inverter

Introducing the Xtrapower 7.5KVA Transformer Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Inverter, a versatile energy solution that combines cutting-edge technology with efficient power conversion. This hybrid inverter delivers reliable and stable AC power while seamlessly integrating solar energy and battery storage, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

**Key Features:**

1. **Pure Sine Wave Output:** The Xtrapower 7.5KVA Transformer Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Inverter generates a pure sine wave output that mimics utility-grade power. This clean waveform ensures compatibility with sensitive electronic devices, preventing disruptions and ensuring optimal performance.

2. **High Power Capacity:** With a substantial 7.5KVA (7500VA) power rating, this inverter is well-suited for both residential and commercial settings. Its high capacity enables it to handle a diverse array of loads, from household appliances to office equipment.

3. **Transformer Technology:** Equipped with a high-quality transformer, the inverter enhances voltage stability, isolates sensitive devices from grid fluctuations, and provides surge protection. The transformer’s efficient operation ensures consistent and reliable power output.

4. **Hybrid Functionality:** This hybrid inverter seamlessly integrates solar power and battery storage, allowing for energy independence and reduced reliance on the grid. It intelligently manages energy sources to optimize self-consumption and minimize grid power usage.

5. **Efficient Energy Conversion:** Utilizing advanced power conversion technology, the inverter efficiently transforms DC power from solar panels and batteries into stable AC power for immediate use. Its high efficiency minimizes energy losses and maximizes overall performance.

6. **User-Friendly Interface:** The inverter features an intuitive LCD display that provides real-time data on input and output voltages, current, frequency, battery status, and system performance. The user-friendly interface facilitates easy monitoring and configuration.

7. **Comprehensive Protection:** Multiple protection mechanisms, including overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, short-circuit protection, and temperature protection, ensure the safety of the inverter and connected devices.

8. **Remote Monitoring Capability:** The inverter supports remote monitoring and control through compatible communication interfaces. Users can monitor energy production, battery status, and system performance remotely for enhanced convenience.


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