Su-Kam 10kva/192V Online UPS – Su-Kam 10KVA Online Inverter IntelliQ Series 1 Phase In – 1 Phase Out

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Product Information
For critical, sensitive equipment where any power changeover glitch will not be tolerated at all, the online UPS (online inverter) will be most appropriate. The Su-Kam 10KVA/192V online UPS is ideal for such mission critical inverter setups, where a 10kva capacity is adequate and no power break will be acceptable.

Most regular inverters offer automatic power switch to inverter mode (battery supply) when there is a mains failure. However, note that this milliseconds switchover may still be sensed by certain sensitive equipment. Servers for instance. Also sophisticated, highly sensitive equipment (like special hospital equipment), where it’s critical that power doesn’t blink! Those and other similar settings are candidates for the online Su-Kam version, like the 10kva/192V, With these Su-Kam online UPS, the switchover time when mains fails is zero.

The Su-Kam IntelliQ 10KVA/192V 1 phase in – 1 phase out online UPS (online inverter) is built to Su-Kam’s rugged standards and is an advanced technology design. Here are some of its salient features:

  • DSP based PWM technology using IGBT
  • Double Conversion VFI technology
  • True Galvanic Isolation
  • Overload handling capacity up to 300% for 1 sec.
  • LCD Panel for Input/Output Voltage, Input/Output Frequency, Power & Current Battery Voltage, Mains Fail, UPS on Battery, Inverter ON/OFF, Battery Low/High, Output Low/High Voltage, Overload/Short Circuit etc.
  • User settable Output Voltage (220/230/240V)
  • RS-232 Interface software for advanced Power Manager
  • Fixed settable heavy duty charger for long backup
  • Generator compatible



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