Mercury 30kVA Single Phase Servo Stabilizer

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Mercury 30kVA Single Phase Servo Stabilizer

High precision auto voltage regulator power supply mainly consists of a contact autotransformer, servomotor, and an automatic control circuit. When grid voltage Is unstable or the load varies, the automatic control circuit drives the servo motor in compliance with a variety of output voltage, adjust carbon brush position on the contact auto-transformer. makes output voltage adjusted to be rated value and reaches a steady state. ZTY series products Introduce advanced technology, adopt energy-saving ring transformers and use Integrated circuits and high-quality components, which gives them a small footprin~ lightweight, high-efficiency, and energy-saving, no additional distortion of the output waveform, stable performance, and reliability.

Mercury Stabilizer 30KVA Servo AVR Single Phase – Key Features:

  • Phase: Single Phase
  • Output Voltage:
  • Over-voltage Protection; Low-voltage Protection
  • Display Model: LED / METER
  • Wide Input Voltage Range
  • 6 Steps Transformer Design In Voltage Stabilizing – For that extra reliability
  • Voltage Protection – High / Low Voltage, High-Temperature Protection
  • Soft Start Protection – Safeguards your expensive equipment
  • Ideal for Heavy Duty Equipment

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