Mercury 2KVA/ 24V Spirit Hybrid Inverter


Inverter Mode

Rated Power: 2KVA/2KW

DC Input :   24Vdc, 110A

AC Output:  230Vac, 50/60Hz, 12.5A

AC Charger Mode

AC Input :220 240Vac 13.8A

DC Output : 27.1Vac,  25A/ 10A

AC Output : 230Vac, 50/ 60Hz, 12.5A

Solar Charger Mode

Max Charger Current 40A

System DC Voltage Range  24Vdc

Operating Voltage Range: 30 – 75Vdc

PV Optimal Work Voltage Range: 45 – 72 Vdc

Max Solar Voltage (VOC) : 75Vdc

Max PV Input Current : 20A

143,500.00 150,500.00

Overview of Mercury 2KVA/24V Spirit Hybrid Inverter.

Mercury 2KVA Spirit hybrid inverter is designed to power your home, offices, appliances and precious electronics. Its compact size enables easy installation and high movability. Compared with traditional inverters in the market, this Pure Sine Wave stand-alone hybrid inverter system combines the functions o an inverter, solar and AC  charger, provides a long run time un-uninterruptible power supply, with inbuilt 2KVA/2KW PF 1.0  24VDC with 40A MPPT Solar Charge Controller, solar power capacity 1KW

Enjoy smoke-free, sound-free, maintenance-free, petrol/diesel cost-free, power supply with automatic changeover (seamless), it is ozone layer friendly, there is no hidden cost and suitable for small rooms, offices, flats, duplex, Hospitals, Schools etc.

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