Mercury 10kVA 3-Phase Servo Stabilizer


Capacity 10 KVA


Voltage range 277 V ~ 433 V

Frequency range 50/60 Hz

Phase Three-phase+ N + G


Voltage: 380 V / 400V

Voltage: regulation accuracy   ± 3%

Waveform:  Sinusoidal

Efficiency: 96%

Power factor: 0.8

Distortion: No additional waveform distortion

Response time: ± 10% varies< 1 s

Over-voltage protection: Output phase voltage 433 V ± 5 V

Under-voltage: Output phase voltage 316 V ± 5 V

Other protections: Start-up delay -mechanical failure -over-current -short-circuit -phase order (three-phase) -lack-phase (three-phase) -over temperature


Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm) : 240 x 410 x 370

Packaged dimensions W x D x H) (mm) 325 x 485 x 430

Net weight (kg) 27.3

Gross weight (kg) 28.5

175,640.00 190,000.00


Mercury 10kVA 3-Phase Servo Stabilizer

Mercury 10kVA 3-Phase Servo Stabilizer 277V-433V designed to automatically stabilizes voltage output current using an auto-transformer, servo motor, and an automatic control circuit.  Highly adaptable to all kinds of non-linear loads such as capacitive and inductive loads.

Low, High, Fluctuating NEPA Voltage?

When NEPA voltage is unstable, the Mercury Servo Stabilizer stands between NEPA and your precious electrical appliances stabilizing and protecting: Air Conditioners, Servers, Desktop Computers, Elevators, Lifts, Medical Equipment, Fridges, Freezers, etc.

Key Features

  • Phase: Three Phase + N + GNaD
  • Display Model: LED
  • Ring transformer structure, small footprint, minimum magnetic leakage, low noise
  • Multi-layer structure carbon brush with long service time and convenient daily maintenance
  • Voltage Protection – High / Low Voltage, High-Temperature Protection
  • Soft Start Protection – Safeguards your expensive equipment
  • Ideal for Heavy-duty Equipment

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