LionRock 96V/12kVA Pure Sine wave Inverter

  • Specifications:
  • Efficiency of 99+%
  • Built-in AVR
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Super low noise operation
  • 200V – 240V A/C input threshold operating range.
  • 40 – 80Amps/Second battery charging capability
  • Auto self-test on LCD super digital display
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Integrated Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • Automatic A/C mains bypass
  • Pure automatic integration to utility mains electricity
  • New cutting edge technology in German engineering
  • Low battery, overload, over-temperature, short circuit protection
  • Overload, abnormal AC input, low battery UPS failure alarm
  • Battery selection to charge all battery types
  • Great for residential, commercial, or industrial application
  • Power factor 0.95 – 1.00
  • 13 months limited warranty.

475,900.00 680,000.00

The LionRock high-efficiency online inverter has the highest charging current of 80 Amps which makes it stand out from its class of inverters. Apart from that, the transfer time is zero milliseconds and it achieves a near 99% conversion efficiency.

This inverter is built with superior Integrated circuits, transformer, and microprocessor hence its advanced functions and low noise and heat while in operation.

Key Features:

1) Designed to Operate under Harsh Environment

2) DC Start & Automatic Self-Diagnostic Function

3) Compatible with Both Linear & Non-Linear Load

4) Easy to Install & Easy to Operate & Easy to Solve

5) Low DC Voltage Supports Home & Office Appliances

6) Powerful Charge, Selectable From 0%-100%

7) High-Efficiency Design & “Power Saving Mode” to Conserve Energy

8) Battery Priority Mode, Designates the Inverter-Preferred UPS Configuration

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