KARTEL 30KVA 192V 3phase NB-303192

1,359,600.00 1,500,000.00

3Phase HDSX SERIES INVERTER 30KVA/192v NB-303192 Kartel

  • Rated Power : 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA 25KVA

  • DC Input Voltage : 10.5-15VDC(Single battery voltage)

  • AC Input Voltage : 85VAC~138VAC / 170VAC~275VAC

  • Output Voltage : 110VAC±2% / 220VAC±2%

  • Output Frequency : 50/60Hz±1%

  • Output Wave : Pure sine wave

How does Three Phase Hybrid Inverter work?

1. Home backup system: When AC grid power is available, inverter charges battery, at the same time, AC grid power bypass through inverter to household appliances, such as refrigerator, TV. When AC grid power is off, it will automatic transfer switch to battery power and convert DC to AC power.

2. Wind or Solar Power system: Convert DC to AC power. When battery power is lacking, it will automatic transfer to grid power for powering continuously.3phase-hybrid-inverter-10k

  • 3 Phase Hybrid Inverter‘s Details


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