Gaston 12V 200AH Inverter Battery



  • Prepaid only
  • Superior  quality and outstanding Performance
  •  Gaston Battery
  •  200ah/12v
  • Durable quality
  • Deep Cycle


Inverter battery


  • NAFDAC Reg. Number: N/A
  • Model: 200AH 12V
  • Product Line: Solar Energy/Ladder
  • Weight (kg): 49

150,999.00 200,000.00

Prepaid only.SmartPOWERFIX Engr LTD is a one-stop-shop for power backup and no1 Power Provider in Nigeria, Since 2002 with proven track records. We have a team of young, talented, experienced, and professional engineers registered with the Nigerian Society of Engineers.
HIGH-RELIABILITY GASTON GT 200AH 12V SMF BATTERYGo for extra long life with the Gaston 200Ah 12V AGM battery designed for high reliability and super performance.

Gaston is a top performance battery brand and the 200Ah 12V Gaston GT SMF battery in block design and non-spillable construction, is your peace-of-mind deployment for critical power backup systems, whether for home or office.

Gaston battery brand is a top-of-the-range product, one of the few battery brands with consistent performance reliability. If you have agonized over accelerated battery failures that amount to a wasteful drain on your pocket, Gaston is the relief you desperately need.The robust 200Ah 12V Gaston capacity is ideal for extended battery backup requirements.
GASTON GT BATTERY RANGE DELIVERS THE HIGH PERFORMANCE YOU DESIREThere are many inverter battery brands in the market now, but only a few stand out in performance. A battery brand that consistently delivers impressive performance in power backup efficiency and  durability is what users want. Batteries are pretty expensive now and you want to be sure you get value for all that money!
GASTON GT RANGE SMF 200AH/12V BATTERYGaston battery is produced in India with America standard Aston manufacturer warranty is 18 months, life span is 3-4 years and aboveGaston is designed with AGM technology, high-performance plates, and electrolyteOverall, superior quality and outstanding PerformanceGaston Battery 200ah/12v


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