Energy Storage Lead Acid GEL Battery GEL 12V120Ah- Lemax


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Specification of GEL12V120Ah- Lemax Lead acid Battery

Battery Model

Nominal Voltage:  12V

Rated capacity (10 Hour rate):  120Ah

Cells Per battery:  6


Length: 406mm (15.98 inches)

Width:  174mm (6.85 inches)

Height:  215mm (8.46 inches)

Total Height:  233mm (9.17 inches)

Approx. Weight:   33.5kg(71.87lbs) ± 3%

Capacity at 25℃ ( 77 F )

10 hour rate(12A,10.5V):  10.5Ah

5 hour rate(22.79A,10.5V): 113.95Ah

3 hour (33.12A,10.8V): 99.36Ah

1 hour (73.4A,9.6V): 73.4Ah

Max.discharge current:  1170A (5 Sec)

Internal Resistance:  Full charged at 25℃(77 ): Approx 3.9mΩ

Capacity affected by Temp. (10 HR)

40℃ (104 ): 102%

25℃ (77 ): 100%

0℃ (32 ):  85%

-15℃ (5 ): 65%

Self Discharge at25℃ (77 )

After 3 months storage: 91%

After 6 months storage: 82%

After 12 months storage: 64%

Charge method at 25℃ (77 )

Cycle Use: 14.40-15.00V (Initial charging current less than 36A)

Float Use: 13.60-13.80V

Energy Storage Lead Acid GEL Battery GEL 12V120Ah-

Lemax (GEL 12V120Ah- Lemax)

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor and supplier of Lemax Batteries in Nigeria. Our GE series batteries are designed with AGM separator and GEL deep cycle technology to give Extra-durable cyclic performance at extreme temperature. GE series Batteries are designed for 12 years life time floating design life at 25℃. Meet with IEC, BS,JIS and Eurobat standard .

LEMAX actively work with partners to promote green energy into thousands of households and contributes to building a harmonious, energy-saving and environmentally friendly society. By combining a newly developed corrosion resistance alloy and advanced curing process, we created a range of long life batteries -LM series. The series features top termination and offers 12 years design life. This battery series is highly suited to UPS systems, switch-gear, CATV and telecommunication systems applications


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