Deep Cycle GEL VRLA Batteries GEL 12V40Ah- Lemax


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AVAILABILITY:Deep Cycle GEL VRLA Batteries GEL 12V40Ah- Lemax (GEL 12V40Ah- Lemax)


Deep Cycle GEL VRLA Batteries GEL 12V40Ah- Lemax

(GEL 12V40Ah- Lemax)

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor and supplier of Lemax Batteries in Nigeria. The Deep Cycle  VRLA GEL Battery for emergency Power System GEL 12V40Ah Lemax are superior deep cycle design with thick plates, high-density active materials and slightly stronger electrolyte, Which can withstand repeated deep cyclic applications.

The Battery Lead Acid Deep Cycle Battery UPS 12V65Ah Lemax are the special design batteries with 5 years floating design life at 25℃. Meet with IEC, BS,JIS and Eurobat standard.UL(MH62092),CE approved.

Technical Specifications of Vrla Gel Battery 12V40Ah Lemax

Battery Model

Nominal Voltage 12V

Cells Per battery 6

Rated capacity (10 Hour rate) 40Ah


Length: 196mm (7.71 inches),

Width: 165mm (6.49 inches),

Height: 173mm (6.81 inches),

Total Height: 173mm (6.81 inches)

Approx Weight 11.60kg(25.57lbs) ± 3%

Capacity at 25 Degrees C

10 hour rate(4.0A,10.5V): 40Ah

5 hour rate(7.1A,10.5V): 35.5Ah

3 hour rate(10.3A,10.8V): 30.9Ah

1 hour rate(24A,9.6V)   24Ah

Max. Discharge  Current : 400A(5 Sec.)

Internal Resistance:  Full Charged   25℃ (77  oF ) Approx. 9.0 Omhs

Capacity affected by Temp.(10 HR)

40℃ (104  oF):  102%

25℃ (77 oF ):  100%

0℃ (32 oF ):    85%

-15℃ (5 ):    65%

Self Discharge @25℃ (77 ) 

After 3 months storage: 91%

After 6 months storage:  82%

After 12 months storage: 64%

 Charge method @25℃ (77 )

Cycle Use:  14.40-15.00V (Initial charging current less than 12A)

Float Use :  13.60-13.80V

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