60A MPPT Solar Charger controller SCH-60A


12V/24V/36/48V Auto work,parallel design

Multi-stage charging optimizes battery performance

MPPT eficiency >99.5%, Peak conversion efficiency 98%

Compatible with Gel. AGM.Flooded. Sealed lead acid and Lithium battery

Comprehensive protection

Heatsink cooling, quiet operation

Comfortable installation and commissioning

Monitoring your solar harvest on line via RS485 communition, Ethernet/RS232 communition Optional

149,999.00 165,000.00

SCH-80A 12/24/36/48V

Voc 18-150V Heatsink Cooling

12V/24V/48V Auto work,parallel design,Multi-stage charging optimizes battery performance,MPPT eficiency >99.5%, Peak conversion efficiency 97.5%,Compatible with Gel. AGM.Flooded. Sealed lead acid and Lithium battery,Comprehensive protection,Heatsink cooling, quiet operation,Comfortable installation and commissioning,Monitoring your solar harvest on line via RS485 communition, Ethernet/RS232 communition Optional.

Model SCH-50A SCH-60A SCH-60A SCH-80A SCH-90A SCH-100A
Solar System Voltage 12V/24V/36V/48V Auto work
PV Operating Voltage 18~150Vdc@12V 35~150Vdc@24V  50~150Vdc@36V ?60~150Vdc@48V
Max. PV input power 12V 700W 12V ?900W 12V 1000W 12V 1200W 12V 1300W 12V 1400W
24V 1400W 24V 1800W 24V 2000W 24V 2300W 24V 2600W 24V 2800W
36V 2100W 36V 2600W 36V 3000W 36V 3300W 36V 3800W 36V 4200W
48V 2900W 48V 3400W 48V 4000W 48V 4600W 48V 5000W 48V 5400W
Rated Output Current 50A Adjustable(0A~50A) 60A Adjustable(0A~60A) 70A Adjustable(0A~70A) 80A Adjustable(0A~80A) 90A Adjustable(0A~90A) 100A Adjustable(0A~100A)
Rated DC load Current 60A
Self consumption 2W
Max.Conversion Efficiency 0.98 0.985
Protection PV array short circuit, over charging,battery reverse polarity,output short circuit
Battery charging
Battery Type Sealed ?Gel AGM ?Flooded ?Lithium
Charge algorithm 4 stage: Bulk, Absorption, Float, Equalize charging
Bulk charge voltage Sealed: 14.4V AGM 14.2V ?Gel:14.2V Flooded:14.6V User defined:10-15V
Float charge voltage Sealed/Gel/AGM:13.8V ?Flooded:13.7V User defined:10-15V
Equalize charge voltage Sealed 14.6V ?AGM:14.8V Flooded:14.9V
Load disconnect voltage 10.5V~12V adjustable
Low voltage reconnect voltage 12.5V
Temperature compensation 5mV/℃/2V with BTS
Communication Port RS485(Standard) Ethernet RS232 Optional with On line monitoring system
Net weight 6.5kg 7.8kg 9 kg
Gross weight 7.3kg 8.7kg 10 Kg
Dimension 420*320*215MM 455*320*215MM 485*320*215MM
Cooling Heatsink cooling
Enclosure IP54
Ambient operating temperature -25℃~60℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~80℃
Humidity 100% non-condensing

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