5KWH Lifepo4 Lithium Battery Management System

Data Sheet


Model LPBG24200
Capacity 5KWH
Voltage 24V
Rated Voltage 25.6V
Charge Voltage 28.8v
Discharge Voltage Range 25.6-28.8v
MAX.Charge&Discharge Current 120A
Rated Charge&Discharge Current 80A
MAX.Output Power 2500W
Rated Output Power 2000W
DOD 0.9
Modules Connection 1-6 in parallel
Communication CAN & RS485
Ingress Protection IP21
Cycle Life >3000,@25°C
Working Temperature Range -10-50°C
Net Weight(kg) 95.5kg

751,999.00 970,000.00

Product Advantage:

1. East to combine, the voltage and capacity can be added through parallel.

2. Higher energy density, higher recycle life and higher security.

3. Through series of safe test such as external short circuit, free fall, mechanical shock, continuous low-rate charging, thermal abuse, crushing of cells, overcharge, over-discharge and cell protection against a high charging rate.

4. Protective devices installed in the battery which can stop safety accident.

5. A wide range of application such as telecom base station, e-tricycles, e-cars, solar and wind energy storage and etc.

6. Manufacture of battery products which can give you best technical solution and cheap price.

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