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Ok, let’s face it.

Most people don’t know how to maintain their inverter batteries.

And because of this, they don’t enjoy the lifespan of the batteries to the maximum level.

 I want you to know you can get the best out of your battery if you know how to use it very well.

I am going to show you five steps on how to maintain the inverter batteries that will give you maximum output.

  1. The most important of them all is “do not overload your inverter battery, most people overload their battery beyond the normal load the battery is supposed to power thereby reducing the lifespan of the battery, if you can avoid this please do because it will save you a lot of unnecessary expenses.
  • Put your inverter battery in a well-ventilated environment, you must create a good space for your battery; a battery that is placed in a well-ventilated area and also protected will last long.
  1. Make sure to always check the level of the battery water (if you are using tubular batteries) = make sure the battery water is at the maximum level most of the time and don’t allow it to reduce beyond the normal level.
  1. Do not mix old batteries with new ones. Don’t make the mistake of mixing old batteries with new ones because this is going to cost you more than you expected, the old batteries will immediately reduce the power of the new ones, thereby reducing the lifespan of the new batteries.
  1. Make sure to always keep the battery surface away from dirt and water to avoid rusting of the battery surface; this can also damage your inverter battery if not taken care of.

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